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Paintings and Prints

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Signed, limited edition serigraphs, lithographs, and prints from famous Israeli artists -Ben Avram, Natan Ben Yosef, Yosl Bergner, Moishelle Bernstein, Yaakov Chayat, Marc Chagall, Michael Elkayam, Olga Gefen, Albert Goldman, Irit Kalechman, Y. Kleinman, Bracha Lavee, Michal Meron, Abel Pann, Beni Schiff, Viktor Shrem, Yevgeny Sverdlov, Lika Tov, Shraga Weil, Ofra Wolf, Yehudit Yellin,  Sammy Zilkha, etc., etc., as well as originals by our own "discoveries" at prices you won't believe.

Each year, we spend several months in the Middle East, and as we travel East to West, North to South, we are always on the lookout for exceptional, but not yet discovered, talent. When we find such an artist, we are able to bring their work to you at incredible prices, while also giving these artists some financial support and encouragement so that they may continue to create. These are exceptional works, to be enjoyed now for their beauty, and someday, who knows what they may be worth?

For instance:

Mary Lavee, a Sabra trained at Bezalel Institute in Jerusalem, created at our request her interpretation of 'Peace Over Jerusalem'. 19" x 26", in soft, pastel airbrush colors, and selling exclusively at Genesis Gallery, framed, for $250.

Sammy Zilkha, who immigrated from Iraq when he was 5 years old, captures images of the people of Jerusalem that remind us of another time and place, and gently reach out and touch the human soul. Original Oil/Arches Paper, Matted and bautifully framed in a gold frame - $280. Frame size is 17"w x 22" h.

Ofra Wolf's works can best be recognized by her vivid and shimmering images painted on silk. Ofra's background is somewhat like a modern version of the Exodus from Egypt - she is the first "Sabra" daughter of Egyptian immigrants to Israel. She now lives and works on Kibbutz Urim in the Negev, and the wild, arid landscapes of her desert surroundings are a major influence in her vibrant paintings. Framed originals range in size from 22"w x 16"h to 30"w x 26"h and range in price from $250 to $400.

"Irena", also a Russian immigrant and a fine artist, is a young woman who immigrated to Israel with her family a few years ago. Shortly afterward, due to her father's  death, Irena became the breadwinner. She now puts her talents to work creating absolutely unique, "painted on silk" talitot and kippot.

More artists and images are on display at the Gallery. We'd love to have you come and look around.

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